Blue Room

Ages 3 to K
Teacher: Miss Sumer

We believe in a balance of play and learning. We view the classroom as a place to explore and learn about ourselves and the world around us. There are various ways in which we teach the children and we are always changing plans as "teachable moments" arise. We believe that there are many types of learners and therefore use many different avenues to allow each learner to thrive.

The day begins with circle time in which we talk about the theme and the activities that will be explored that day. We have calendar time, and go over the letter and number of the week. This is a great time to do our "Zoo Phonics".

Each day, the children will create a one-of-a-kind art project and have a hands-on time with the teacher. Science concepts and math are introduced through activity-based lessons. The classroom includes a science table where nature can be viewed up close with magnifying glasses and touchable objects.

During our morning activities, imaginative play is encouraged through dress up and toys. We truly believe that learning happens while "playing" with friends. The social-emotional area of a child's development is of great importance to us and we will aid in its development whenever possible.

Music is played throughout the day to introduce the students to many types of music. We learn songs and do movement activities as part of our day. Learning also takes place while listening to stories and we include reading every day. The children are involved in pre-reading activities as well as hearing stories read aloud to them on the given theme.

Finally, gross motor skills are worked on while playing on our large front patio area. During this 45-minute time period, the children can run, climb, play in the sand, or be involved in teacher-led games.


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