When we play, we learn.

Each child is an individual and our job is to help that individual grow. Children learn at their own pace and as experienced teachers we are in tune with the needs of every child.

We are a small school, which is one of our greatest strengths. We have a class ratio of six children to every adult (6:1) which gives us more one on one time; teacher to child.

Our learning environment is focused on a hands-on approach, letting the children learn through doing. We use diverse teaching methods to keep the environment challenging and stimulating. And, just as you would at home, we pay special attention to developing the whole child, making sure that our students are happy, healthy and encouraged.

Our environment is loving, attentive and respectful, and we teach our children to respect others, to practice kindness and to help them practice good manners. Every day brings different opportunities and teachable moments. We are non-denominational in approach; all religions are welcome.

Little Boy with Legos

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