When we play, we learn.

Children learn and grow at their own pace. As experienced teachers, we understand that every child is an individual and our job is to guide and nurture each individual. We offer an environment that is fun and full of options that promote an interest in learning.

We set up our classrooms with different areas that allow children to explore and make their own choices.  Everything they need is accessible at their level; this provides your child with the opportunity to gain independence skills and build their self confidence.

With the support of our excellent teachers, we begin practicing and developing skills through a hands-on approach. Every classroom has a ratio of six children to every adult (6:1) which gives students more one-on-one time with their teachers.

We are a small school, which is one of our greatest strengths. Being a part of our preschool community will give you and your child a more personalized experience. Our environment is loving, attentive and respectful. We teach our students to respect others, practice kindness and how to use their words. We are non-denominational in approach and welcome everyone.

Little Boy with Legos

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