Red Room

Ages 3 to K
Teacher: Miss Hannah

In Red Room, we are a community of learners. I believe that the foundation for formal education begins here, and it is my mission to make school a positive experience for each of my children.

At our opening circle time, children start the day with song. It's a time to welcome each other and begin the school day with enthusiasm and excitement. The theme of the week will be introduced, and we'll learn about letters, numbers, shapes and colors. We talk about the calendar, too. Children are reminded of the relationship between text and language during story time. And on Fridays, our older children have the opportunity to share something special from home.

With the helping guidance of our aide, Miss Cathie, our inside activities include small group and one-on one instruction. Arts and crafts activities are varied, and could be anything from finger painting with pudding to making a truck from an egg carton. We could be teaching a child to form a new letter, sorting pattern blocks or learning to cut with scissors. In the classroom, we try and work those small motor skills as often as we can. A science lesson could be mixing paint colors or making cornbread muffins. Whether it's enjoying the sensory experience of the rice table or trying to write their name, children learn at their own pace with guidance and support.

There is also a time to play; it's the most important activity of the day! Children improve social skills, further their language development, and learn about cooperation and personal space. We have a lot of materials to encourage imagination, and play takes place both inside and out.

I believe that learning should be a lifelong, enjoyable experience, and I am privileged to play an important role in the lives of these children.

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